Arshad Warsi: Height, Weight, Age, Career And Success

Arshad Warsi is a name that has become synonymous with talent and versatility in the Indian film industry. Known for his impeccable comic timing and charismatic performances, Arshad Warsi has won the hearts of millions of moviegoers. Let’s explore some interesting facts about this talented actor’s life!

Arshad Warsi, born on April 19, 1968, in Mumbai, India, is a renowned Bollywood actor. With his charming personality and exceptional acting skills, Arshad has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment world. From his breakthrough role in the cult classic “Munna Bhai MBBS” to his memorable performances in films like “Golmaal” and “Ishqiya,” Arshad has proven his mettle time and again.

Apart from his acting prowess, Arshad Warsi is also known for his incredible sense of humor and down-to-earth demeanor. Despite his success, he remains grounded and relatable, making him a favorite among fans of all ages. Join us as we delve into the fascinating biography of Arshad Warsi and discover more about his personal life, including his height, weight, age, and even his husband – an exciting journey awaits!

Arshad Warsi is an Indian actor and producer known for his work in Bollywood films. He stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 70 kilograms. His net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. Warsi has appeared in numerous successful films and has won several awards for his performances, including the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role. He is married to Maria Goretti and they have two children together. Overall, Arshad Warsi is recognized for his versatile acting skills and contribution to the Indian film industry.

Full Details: Arshad Warsi

Net Worth$30 million
Birthplace/HometownMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Date of BirthApril 19, 1968
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)Aries
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height5′ 4″ (162 cm)
Weight70 kg (150 lbs)
ProfessionActor, Producer, Television Presenter
House LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Body MeasurementNot Available
EthnicityAsian (Indian)
Hair ColorBlack
Wiki PageArshad Warsi Wikipedia
Facebook LinkArshad Warsi Facebook
Twitter Profile LinkArshad Warsi Twitter

Physical Statistics

Eye ColorBrown
Height (Tall)5 feet 4 inches
Weight70 kilograms
Shoe Size (UK)Not Available
Hair ColorBlack


ParentsSiblings’ information goes here
WeightWeight information goes here
SiblingsSiblings information goes here
Arshad Warsi
Arshad Warsi

About Arshad Warsi: A Multi-Talented Actor and Entertainer

Arshad Warsi, a prominent figure in the Indian film industry, has made a significant impact with his exceptional acting skills, versatile performances, and infectious charm. With a career spanning over two decades, this article delves into the personal and professional details of Arshad Warsi, shedding light on his height, weight, net worth, family background, and professional achievements. From his beginnings in the industry to his rise as an acclaimed actor, Arshad Warsi’s journey is an inspiring tale of talent, hard work, and perseverance.

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Arshad Warsi’s Early Life and Journey in Bollywood

Arshad Warsi was born on April 19, 1968, in Mumbai, India. He comes from a modest background, with his father working as a musician and his mother as a housewife. From a young age, Arshad harbored a deep passion for dance and acting. However, life took an unexpected turn when he lost his father at the age of 14, leaving him to support his family financially.

Early Struggles and Breakthrough

Arshad’s journey in Bollywood was not an easy one. He started as a background dancer in various films, earning a meager income to sustain himself. However, his determination and talent caught the attention of choreographer-turned-director Prabhu Deva. This encounter led to Arshad’s big break when he was offered a supporting role in the film “Tere Mere Sapne” in 1996.

The film’s success showcased Arshad’s acting prowess, and he quickly gained recognition for his natural comedic timing and impeccable dance moves. Arshad’s breakthrough performance earned him the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut, establishing him as a promising actor in the industry.

Professional Achievements

Arshad Warsi
Arshad Warsi

Since his breakthrough, Arshad Warsi has delivered several remarkable performances, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He has worked in a wide range of genres, including comedy, drama, and action, and has consistently impressed audiences and critics alike with his impeccable acting skills.

One of Arshad’s most iconic roles came in 2003 when he portrayed the beloved character of Circuit in the cult-classic film “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” His portrayal of Circuit, a loyal and funny sidekick, earned him widespread acclaim and a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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Arshad Warsi’s list of successful films also includes the “Golmaal” series, “Ishqiya,” “Jolly LLB,” and “Dhamaal,” among others. With his outstanding performances, Arshad has carved a niche for himself in the industry, known for his comedic timing, versatility, and ability to bring characters to life on the big screen.

Arshad Warsi’s Height, Weight, and Personal Details

Arshad Warsi stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall. He maintains a fit and healthy physique through regular exercise and a balanced diet. While exact details about his weight are not publicly disclosed, he has often been seen maintaining a lean and athletic appearance.

In addition to his physical attributes, Arshad Warsi is known for his charismatic personality and down-to-earth nature. He exudes warmth, humility, and a natural flair for entertaining both on and off the screen. Despite his success, Arshad remains grounded and values his relationships and the support of his family and loved ones.

Arshad Warsi’s Net Worth and Income

Arshad Warsi’s talent and hard work have not only earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase but also substantial financial success. As of [current year], his estimated net worth is around [estimated net worth]. His sources of income include acting in films, endorsements, brand collaborations, and various other projects.

Arshad Warsi’s journey in Bollywood serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and individuals who strive to achieve success against all odds. His dedication, versatility, and ability to connect with audiences have made him a beloved figure in the film industry.

In conclusion, Arshad Warsi’s remarkable career in Bollywood reflects his passion for acting, determination, and exemplary talent. From his humble beginnings to his notable achievements, Arshad continues to entertain and captivate audiences with his versatile performances. As he continues to shine on the silver screen, Arshad Warsi remains an enduring symbol of success and inspiration in the Indian film industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Arshad Warsi.

1. What is Arshad Warsi’s height?

Arshad Warsi stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).
He has a well-proportioned physique and his height adds to his charming personality.

2. What is Arshad Warsi’s weight?

Arshad Warsi weighs around 70 kilograms (154 pounds).
He maintains a healthy lifestyle and follows a balanced diet to stay fit and in shape.

3. What is Arshad Warsi’s net worth?

Arshad Warsi has an estimated net worth of around $40 million.
He has earned this considerable wealth through his successful acting career and various endorsements.

4. Can you provide some personal details about Arshad Warsi?

Arshad Warsi was born on April 19, 1968, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
He is married to Maria Goretti and they have two children together.

5. What are some of Arshad Warsi’s professional achievements?

Arshad Warsi has received several accolades for his outstanding performances in movies.
He won the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role for his role in the movie “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.”

Arshad Warsi is a talented Indian actor and dancer who has appeared in a variety of popular films. He started his career as a choreographer but rose to fame with his comedic roles in movies like “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” and “Golmaal.” Warsi is admired for his versatile acting skills and ability to make people laugh. He is also known for his humble and down-to-earth personality.

Warsi’s journey in the film industry has been filled with success and recognition. He has won several awards for his exceptional performances and continues to impress audiences with his amazing talent. With his charming smile and natural comedic timing, Arshad Warsi has become a beloved figure in Indian cinema, bringing joy to people’s lives through his work.


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