Chlo Grace Moretz – Height, Weight, Personal Life, Career & Vital Stats

Chloë Grace Moretz is a popular young actress known for her talent and charm. She has captivated audiences with her remarkable performances in various movies. Now, let’s delve into the intriguing details of Chloë Grace Moretz’s life!

Chloë Grace Moretz, the talented star, has not only won hearts with her acting skills, but she has also become an inspiration for many. Want to learn more about this incredible actress? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Chloë Grace Moretz, uncovering her height, weight, age, biography, and even her hypothetical husband (if there is one!). Get ready to be amazed by the life of this extraordinary young woman!

Chloë Grace Moretz, a talented American actress, stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 57 kilograms. With a net worth estimated to be around $12 million, Moretz has achieved great success in her career. Born on February 10, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, she comes from a supportive family, including four older brothers. Moretz has been honored with several awards, including the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor/Actress for her role in the film “Let Me In.”

Some Hidden Facts About Chlo Grace Moretz

Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1997
Net Worth$12 million
Eye ColorBlue
Height5 feet 4 inches
Sun SignAquarius
Weight58 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Birthplace/HometownAtlanta, Georgia, United States
House LocationLos Angeles, California, United States
Body Measurement34-25-35 inches
EthnicityEnglish, German, Swiss-German, Scottish
Wiki pageChloë Grace Moretz – Wikipedia
Facebook linkUnknown
Twitter profile linkChloë Grace Moretz – Twitter

Physical Statistics

Eye ColorBrown
Height (Tall)5 feet 4 inches
Weight58 kg
Shoe Size (UK)6
Hair ColorBlonde


ParentsTeri Duke Moretz and McCoy Lee Moretz
Weight58 kg
SiblingsTrevor Duke Moretz, Brandon Moretz, and Ethan Moretz

Exploring the Life of Chloë Grace Moretz: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, Family, and Professional Achievements

Chloë Grace Moretz is a talented actress who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her captivating performances. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Chloë’s life, including her height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements. Let us explore the fascinating world of this remarkable actress.

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Chloë Grace Moretz: Rising Star

Chloë Grace Moretz embarked on her acting journey at a tender age and quickly gained recognition for her exceptional talent. Born on February 10, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, she made her debut in the entertainment industry at just seven years old. With her undeniable charm and natural abilities, it was evident that Chloë was destined for greatness.

In her early career, Chloë appeared in various television shows and movies, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Some of her notable works include roles in films such as “Kick-Ass,” “Let Me In,” and “Hugo.” These performances propelled Chloë into the spotlight and cemented her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Despite her young age, Chloë garnered critical acclaim for her performances and quickly became a sought-after actress in the industry. Her ability to portray complex characters with depth and emotion is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

Personal Details and Achievements

Chlo Grace Moretz
Chlo Grace Moretz

Beyond her professional accomplishments, it is essential to delve into Chloë Grace Moretz’s details and achievements. Standing at a modest height of 5 feet 5 inches, Chloë possesses a graceful presence that adds to her on-screen allure. Her weight, which is reported to be around 121 pounds, showcases her commitment to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Chloë’s achievements extend beyond her successful acting career. She has been recognized for her philanthropic endeavors, using her platform to support important causes. She is an advocate for anti-bullying initiatives and has participated in campaigns that aim to raise awareness about the issue.

Her impressive filmography speaks for itself, with several awards and nominations to her name. Chloë Grace Moretz has received accolades such as the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film and the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor/Actress, among others. These achievements highlight her immense talent and dedication to her craft.

Net Worth and Income

Chloë Grace Moretz’s success in the entertainment industry has undoubtedly translated into significant financial rewards. Her net worth, estimated to be around $12 million, is a testament to her hard work and the demand for her talent. It is important to note that her income is not solely derived from acting. Chloë has also ventured into other ventures, such as modeling and brand endorsements, further contributing to her financial success.

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Chloë’s ability to diversify her income streams showcases her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. She has leveraged her status as a successful actress to forge partnerships with renowned brands, thus securing additional sources of income.

However, it is important to recognize that financial success does not solely define Chloë Grace Moretz. She remains grounded and focused on her craft, dedicated to delivering exceptional performances that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

Family and Support

Chlo Grace Moretz
Chlo Grace Moretz

Behind every successful individual is a strong support system, and Chloë Grace Moretz’s family plays an integral role in her life. Raised in a tight-knit family, Chloë has credited her parents for fostering her passion and providing unwavering support throughout her career.

Chloë has four older brothers, Trevor, Brandon, Colin, and Ethan. They have played an essential role in shaping her into the person she is today. Chloë’s family has always been there for her, offering guidance, love, and a sense of normalcy amidst the often chaotic world of show business.

Despite her busy schedule and demanding career, Chloë values her family deeply and makes it a priority to spend quality time with them. This strong foundation has undoubtedly contributed to her success and serves as a reminder of the importance of staying grounded.

Continued Success and Future Projects

Chloë Grace Moretz’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable, and her professional achievements only continue to grow. With a remarkable ability to take on diverse roles, Chloë has established herself as a versatile actress with immense potential.

Looking ahead, Chloë remains committed to honing her craft and exploring new opportunities. With every project she takes on, she pushes her boundaries and brings a fresh perspective to her performances. As audiences, we can eagerly anticipate the future projects that Chloë will embark on, knowing that she will continue to captivate us with her talent and charm.

In conclusion, Chloë Grace Moretz is an exceptional actress who has achieved tremendous success in a relatively short period. Her dedication to her craft, personal values, and philanthropic endeavors have solidified her status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. As Chloë continues to thrive in her career, we can look forward to witnessing her undeniable talent shine through in future projects, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chloë Grace Moretz’s height is 5 feet 4 inches.
  • Her weight is approximately 121 pounds.
  • Her estimated net worth is around $12 million.
  • Chloë comes from a close-knit family who have been her support throughout her career.
  • She has achieved success as an actress with notable performances in movies like “Kick-Ass” and “If I Stay.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section about Chloë Grace Moretz. Here, we have answered some common questions related to her height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

How tall is Chloë Grace Moretz?

Chloë Grace Moretz stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall. Her petite stature has not hindered her success in the entertainment industry in any way. Despite her average height, Chloë has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with her talent, proving that height is no barrier to achieving one’s dreams.

What is Chloë Grace Moretz’s weight?

As a celebrity, Chloë Grace Moretz’s weight is subject to fluctuation due to various factors such as roles in movies and personal fitness routines. However, as of recent reports, she maintains a healthy weight of around 130 pounds (59 kg), which complements her slim figure and overall physique.

What is Chloë Grace Moretz’s net worth?

Chloë Grace Moretz has amassed a significant net worth through her successful acting career. As of the latest estimates, her net worth is approximately $12 million. This impressive financial milestone is a testament to Chloë’s talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft, making her one of the most prominent young actresses in Hollywood today.

Can you share some personal details about Chloë Grace Moretz?

Born on February 10, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Chloë Grace Moretz is an American actress known for her versatile performances in both films and television. She gained international recognition with her role as Hit-Girl in the “Kick-Ass” film series and has continued to showcase her talent in various acclaimed movies such as “Let Me In,” “If I Stay,” and “The Miseducation of Cameron Post.”

What are some of Chloë Grace Moretz’s professional achievements?

Chloë Grace Moretz has garnered numerous professional achievements throughout her career. In 2011, she won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Star Under 25 for her role in “Let Me In.”She has also received critical acclaim, including nominations for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer and the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor/Actress. We hope these answers provide some valuable insights into Chloë Grace Moretz’s background, career, and personal details.

Chloë Grace Moretz is a talented young actress known for her roles in movies like Kick-Ass and the It series. She started her acting career at a young age and has quickly risen to fame. Chloë has shown versatility in her roles, excelling in both action and horror films. Despite her success, she remains down-to-earth and uses her platform to speak out on important issues like feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. Chloë Grace Moretz is a shining star in the entertainment industry, and we can expect to see even more great things from her in the future!

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