Dinesh Gunawardena: Unveiling Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More

Dinesh Gunawardena is a prominent figure in the political arena of Sri Lanka. Known for his leadership and influence, Gunawardena has made significant contributions to the country’s governance. In this article, we will explore various aspects of his life, including his height, weight, age, biography, and more. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Dinesh Gunawardena!

When it comes to political figures, there is always a sense of curiosity about their personal information. In the case of Dinesh Gunawardena, we will uncover the details about his height, weight, and age, giving us a glimpse into his physical attributes. But that’s not all – we will also delve deeper into his inspiring biography, shedding light on his accomplishments and journey to success.

Moreover, we will explore the role of Dinesh Gunawardena’s husband in his life, showcasing the support and companionship they share. From personal details to professional achievements, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Dinesh Gunawardena. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey to learn more about this influential political figure!

Dinesh Gunawardena, a prominent Sri Lankan politician, stands tall at an estimated height of [height]. His weight is not currently available. Known for his successful political career, Gunawardena has accumulated a considerable net worth. However, the exact figure is undisclosed. When it comes to personal details, limited information is available. Dinesh comes from a well-known Gunawardena family in Sri Lanka. Moreover, his professional achievements as a politician include serving as a cabinet minister, parliamentarian, and leader of political parties.

Dinesh Gunawardena: Latest Information

Date of BirthMarch 2, 1949
Net Worth$5 million
Eye ColorBrown
House LocationColombo, Sri Lanka
Body MeasurementN/A
NationalitySri Lankan
Hair ColorBlack
Birthplace / HometownColombo, Sri Lanka
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)Virgo
Weight73 kg
Wiki PageDinesh Gunawardena
Facebook LinkDinesh Gunawardena
Twitter Profile Link@dineshgofficial

Physical Statistics

Height (Tall)“200px”
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size (UK)9
Hair ColorBlack



Dinesh Gunawardena: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, Family, Professional Achievements

Dinesh Gunawardena, a prominent figure in Sri Lankan politics, has made significant contributions to the government and society. Known for his political accomplishments and dedication to public service, Gunawardena has an impressive track record that has earned him a place of respect in the political landscape of Sri Lanka. In this article, we will explore Gunawardena’s personal details, and professional achievements, and delve into various aspects of his life.

Dinesh Gunawardena: Early Life and Family

Dinesh Gunawardena was born on March 2, 1949, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in politics, Gunawardena’s father, Philip Gunawardena, was a prominent political leader and one of the founding members of the Marxist People’s Liberation Front (JVP) in Sri Lanka. Growing up in such an environment, politics naturally became a part of Gunawardena’s life from an early age.

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Gunawardena comes from a close-knit family that has had a significant impact on Sri Lankan politics. His siblings, Udaya Gammanpila and Sisira Jayakody, are also actively involved in politics, further cementing the family’s political legacy in the country. This familial influence sparked Gunawardena’s interest in politics and ultimately shaped his journey in the political arena.

Political Career of Dinesh Gunawardena

Gunawardena’s political career began on March 2, 1949, when he got involved in the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP), a socialist political party in Sri Lanka. His association with the party led him to take on various leadership roles, allowing him to contribute actively to shaping the political landscape of the country.

One of Gunawardena’s notable achievements was his role in the successful parliamentary elections of 1977. Despite challenging circumstances, he managed to secure a seat in the Parliament, marking the beginning of his impactful political journey. Since then, Gunawardena has held many ministerial positions, including Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply, and Higher Education.

A staunch advocate for human rights and social justice, Gunawardena has been actively involved in representing the voice of the people. His unwavering commitment to public service has earned him the respect and admiration of his constituents and colleagues alike.

Controversies Surrounding Dinesh Gunawardena

Like any public figure, Gunawardena’s political career has not been without its fair share of controversies. Being a vocal politician and expressing strong opinions on various matters, he has faced criticism and opposition from those with differing viewpoints.

One significant controversy that Gunawardena was involved in was the controversy surrounding the impeachment motion against the then Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Shirani Bandaranayake, in 2013. Gunawardena played a pivotal role in this controversial event, leading to widespread debate and discussion within the country.

Critics argue that Gunawardena’s involvement in such controversies highlights a lack of transparency and impartiality. However, his supporters believe that his actions are driven by a desire for accountability and fairness in the judicial system.

Dinesh Gunawardena’s Height, Weight, and Personal Details

While many may be curious about the physical attributes of prominent personalities, it is essential to focus on their achievements and contributions rather than their appearance. However, for those curious, Dinesh Gunawardena stands at an estimated height of “200px” and has maintained a healthy weight that complements his stature.

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Beyond physical attributes, it is crucial to delve deeper into Gunawardena’s personal details, such as his educational background and achievements. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ceylon and later pursued his postgraduate studies at the University College London, United Kingdom.

Dinesh Gunawardena’s Net Worth and Income

As a politician, Dinesh Gunawardena’s net worth and income primarily stem from his involvement in public service rather than personal ventures or business interests. While precise financial figures may not be publicly available, it is widely acknowledged that Gunawardena’s wealth is accrued from his long-standing political career.

It is important to note that public officials in Sri Lanka are subject to annual declarations of assets and liabilities, ensuring transparency and accountability. Gunawardena, like other politicians, adheres to these regulations, providing insight into his financial situation and preventing any conflicts of interest.

Dinesh Gunawardena’s Professional Achievements

Gunawardena’s professional achievements extend beyond his political career. He is recognized for his contributions to various sectors, including education, urban development, and water supply. As Minister of Urban Development, he played a crucial role in designing and implementing policies aimed at improving urban infrastructure and ensuring sustainable development.

Gunawardena’s dedication to education led to significant reforms and improvements in the higher education sector. His contributions in this field have greatly benefited students and professionals alike, creating opportunities for growth and development.

Additionally, Gunawardena’s stint as Minister of Water Supply showcased his commitment to providing access to clean water and sanitation facilities to the people of Sri Lanka. Under his leadership, initiatives were undertaken to address water scarcity, improve water quality, and promote efficiency in water distribution.

In conclusion, Dinesh Gunawardena’s journey in politics has been marked by notable achievements and contributions to society. From an early involvement in political movements to holding ministerial positions, Gunawardena has left a lasting impact on Sri Lankan politics and various sectors. His commitment to public service, advocacy for social justice, and unwavering dedication to the people have established him as a respected figure in Sri Lanka’s political landscape.

While controversies have surrounded Gunawardena’s career, they have only further emphasized the importance of open dialogue and diverse perspectives in a democratic society. Through his professional achievements and ongoing service, Gunawardena continues to shape his country and inspire others to engage in politics and public service for the betterment of society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dinesh Gunawardena is a prominent figure with various achievements and personal details. Here are five commonly asked questions about Dinesh Gunawardena:

What is Dinesh Gunawardena’s height and weight?

What is Dinesh Gunawardena’s net worth?

Dinesh Gunawardena’s net worth is not publicly available, as the personal financial information of public figures is often kept confidential. However, as an experienced politician, he has had a successful career and is known for his contributions to Sri Lankan politics. Dinesh Gunawardena’s wealth is not the sole measure of his achievements. His dedication to public service and his ability to connect with people are key factors that have earned him respect and recognition.

What are Dinesh Gunawardena’s personal details?

Dinesh Gunawardena was born on March 2, 1949, in Sri Lanka. He is a prominent Sri Lankan politician and a member of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) political party. He has been actively involved in politics for several decades and has held various ministerial positions. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Peradeniya, Dinesh Gunawardena is knowledgeable and experienced in his field. He is admired for his dedication to public service and has played an instrumental role in shaping Sri Lanka’s political landscape.

How does Dinesh Gunawardena earn income?

Dinesh Gunawardena earns income primarily from his political career. As a prominent figure in Sri Lankan politics, he receives a salary, benefits, and allowances as a member of parliament and has also held several high-ranking positions in the government. In addition to his political income, Dinesh Gunawardena may also have other sources of revenue, such as investments and business ventures. However, specific details about his income sources are not publicly available.

What are Dinesh Gunawardena’s professional achievements?

Dinesh Gunawardena has had numerous professional achievements throughout his political career. He has served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Urban Development, and Sacred Area Development, and held several other important positions within the government. His contributions to diplomatic relations, urban development, and legislative affairs have been significant. Dinesh Gunawardena’s experience and expertise in various domains make him a valuable asset to the Sri Lankan political landscape.

Dinesh Gunawardena is a Sri Lankan politician who has held various important positions in the government. He is a member of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna party and has served as a Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister, and Leader of the House. Gunawardena is known for his conservative views and has been involved in important negotiations and policies that have shaped Sri Lanka’s political landscape. His contributions to the country’s governance have earned him both praise and criticism, but his dedication to serving the people is unquestionable. Gunawardena’s political career has been marked by his commitment to advocating for the interests of the Sri Lankan people. Throughout his time in office, he has shown a strong dedication to public service and has worked tirelessly to bring about positive change. While some might not agree with all of his views and policies, Gunawardena’s determination to make a difference is undeniably admirable. As a prominent political figure in Sri Lanka, his actions and decisions have had a significant impact on the country’s governance and the welfare of its citizens.

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