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James K. Polk, the 11th President of the United States, was an influential figure in American history. Born on November 2, 1795, he played a crucial role in expanding the nation’s territory. So, what made this man such a significant figure? Let’s dive into the life and accomplishments of James K. Polk to find out more!

Before we delve into his biography, let’s talk about some interesting facts about James K. Polk. Did you know that he was the youngest man to assume the presidency at the age of 49? Quite impressive, right? He also achieved a lot during his presidency, including the annexation of Texas and the settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute. Now, let’s take a closer look at the life of this remarkable leader.

Born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, James K. Polk grew up in a family of farmers. Despite his humble beginnings, he had a strong desire for education and was admitted to the prestigious University of North Carolina. Polk’s ambitions eventually led him to become one of the most accomplished presidents in U.S. history. His commitment to manifest destiny and dedication to public service are just some of the reasons why he remains an influential figure to this day.

In summary, James K. Polk was not just an ordinary individual. He was a visionary leader who helped shape the nation’s destiny during his presidency. Join us as we explore his life, achievements, and the mark he left on American history. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the fascinating world of James K. Polk!

James K. Polk, the 11th President of the United States, had a height of 1.73 m. His net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Personal details reveal that he was born on November 2, 1795, in North Carolina, and died on June 15, 1849. He married Sarah Childress and had no children. Polk achieved several notable accomplishments during his presidency, including the acquisition of California and the settlement of the Oregon boundary.

James K. Polk: Latest Information

Height1.73 m
Eye ColorBlue
Sun SignScorpio
NameJames K. Polk
House LocationNashville, Tennessee
Date of BirthNovember 2, 1795
Body MeasurementN/A
NicknameYoung Hickory
Hair ColorBrown
Net Worth$1.5 million
Birthplace/HometownPineville, North Carolina
Wiki pageJames K. Polk
Facebook linkUnknown
Twitter profile linkUnknown

Physical Statistics

Eye ColorBrown
Height (Tall)1.73 m
Shoe Size (UK)9
Hair ColorBrown


ParentsSamuel Polk and Jane Knox
SiblingsFour sisters and two brothers

James K. Polk: A Closer Look at His Life, Achievements, and Legacy

Welcome to our in-depth article on James K. Polk, the 11th President of the United States. Join us as we delve into the personal details, professional achievements, and key aspects of his life. From his physical characteristics to his net worth and family background, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this influential figure in American history.

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James K. Polk: Early Life and Family Background

James K. Polk’s Biography
James K. Polk’s Biography

James K. Polk was born on November 2, 1795, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. His father, Samuel Polk, was a prosperous farmer and surveyor, while his mother, Jane Knox, descended from a well-respected Presbyterian family. Polk was the eldest of ten children.

The Polk family moved to Tennessee when James was just eleven years old, settling in Maury County. James received a quality education and demonstrated exceptional intellectual abilities from a young age. He attended the University of North Carolina, where he excelled academically, graduating with honors in 1818.

It was during his time at the university that Polk developed a keen interest in politics. He immersed himself in political debates and discussions, honing his skills and shaping his future career path. After completing his education, Polk embarked on a successful journey in public service, eventually rising to become one of the most influential political figures in American history.

Early Career and Political Endeavors

Following his graduation from the University of North Carolina, James K. Polk returned to Tennessee and established himself as a lawyer. His natural talent and dedication to his profession quickly earned him a reputation as an accomplished attorney, paving the way for his entrance into politics.

Polk started his political career in 1823 when he was elected to the Tennessee State Legislature. He remained in this position for four consecutive terms, during which he fought tirelessly for the interests of the common man. His commitment to advocating for agrarian rights and his mastery of legislative affairs soon propelled him onto the national stage.

In 1825, Polk successfully secured a seat in the United States House of Representatives. His time in Congress was marked by his steadfast support of Andrew Jackson’s presidency and his unwavering dedication to expanding the United States’ territory. Despite encountering opposition from various factions, Polk’s meticulous maneuvering and political prowess allowed him to rise through the ranks.

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Presidential Campaign and Legacy

James K. Polk’s Biography
James K. Polk’s Biography

James K. Polk’s most notable achievement was his election as the 11th President of the United States in 1844. Polk secured the Democratic Party’s nomination and embarked on a rigorous campaign that highlighted his commitment to territorial expansion and economic growth.

During his presidency, from 1845 to 1849, Polk implemented several transformative policies. His administration oversaw the annexation of Texas, the conclusion of the Mexican-American War, and the acquisition of California and New Mexico. These achievements expanded the United States’ territorial reach and solidified its status as a prominent global power.

Additionally, Polk’s presidency saw advancements in infrastructure, with the construction of the Smithsonian Institution and the introduction of a nationwide postal system. His commitment to improving the lives of ordinary citizens earned him respect and admiration.

Physical Characteristics and Personal Life

James K. Polk stood at approximately 1.73 m tall, a fairly average height for the time. He had a slender frame and was known for his serious and focused demeanor. Polk had dark hair and piercing blue eyes, which added to his charismatic presence.

In terms of personal life, James K. Polk married his beloved wife, Sarah Childress Polk, in 1824. Sarah was an intelligent and politically astute woman who played a crucial role in supporting her husband’s political ambitions. Together, they formed a formidable partnership, with Sarah often advising James on important matters of state.

Despite the demands of his political career, Polk prioritized his family life and maintained a close relationship with his siblings and extended family. While he didn’t have any children of his own, Polk cared deeply for his nieces and nephews, often taking on a paternal role in their lives.

Net Worth and Financial Standing

James K. Polk’s financial standing experienced significant fluctuations throughout his life. While he came from a relatively affluent family, his career in public service often required substantial personal investments. Polk’s legal endeavors and political campaigns necessitated considerable financial resources.

However, Polk’s time in office considerably impacted his net worth. As President, he chose not to seek reelection and focused on diligently fulfilling his presidential duties. After serving a single term, Polk retired to Tennessee, where he sadly passed away just three months later. At the time of his death, his financial situation had deteriorated, leaving behind an estate deeply affected by his public service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about James K. Polk, his height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

Can you provide information on James K. Polk’s weight?

The exact weight of James K. Polk is not widely documented. However, historical records suggest that he maintained a relatively lean and slim build throughout his life. Physical appearance aside, Polk’s legacy lies not in his weight but rather in his accomplishments as the 11th President of the United States, where he played a pivotal role in expanding the nation’s borders through the annexation of Texas and the acquisition of vast territories from Mexico.

What was James K. Polk’s net worth?

James K. Polk had an estimated net worth of $1 million at the time of his death in 1849, which translates to approximately $1.5 million in today’s currency. His wealth primarily stemmed from his successful law practice, savvy investments in real estate, and inherited properties. However, Polk was a dedicated public servant who prioritized the betterment of the nation over personal financial gains.

Could you share some personal details about James K. Polk?

James K. Polk was born on November 2, 1795, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and grew up in Pineville, Tennessee. He married Sarah Childress Polk in 1824, and the couple had no children. Polk was a Jacksonian Democrat known for his strict interpretation of the Constitution and commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises, known as the “Manifest Destiny.” He was hailed as a meticulous planner and a disciplined leader.

What were James K. Polk’s significant professional achievements?

James K. Polk’s presidency, which spanned from 1845 to 1849, was marked by several notable achievements. His major accomplishments include the successful negotiation of the Oregon Treaty with Britain, settling the border between the United States and Canada; the annexation of Texas, which led to the Mexican-American War; and the acquisition of vast territories, including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming, through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. He also established the Independent Treasury System, providing greater financial stability for the nation. James K. Polk’s achievements and aggressive pursuit of territorial expansion significantly shaped the United States and played a crucial role in its development as a global power.

James K. Polk was the 11th President of the United States. He accomplished a lot during his presidency. He expanded the country’s territory through the Mexican-American War and oversaw the addition of Texas, California, and other western territories. Polk also lowered taxes and established an independent treasury system to strengthen the economy. Despite serving only one term, he was a decisive and impactful leader.

Overall, James K. Polk was a significant president who made America bigger and stronger. He believed in manifest destiny and worked towards expanding the country’s borders. Through his actions, Polk left a lasting impact on US history and helped shape the nation we know today.

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