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Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim: Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More

Get ready to uncover the fascinating world of Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim! In this biography, we’ll dive into his height, weight, age, and more. Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim has achieved great prominence and captured the hearts of many. So without further ado, let’s discover the intriguing details of this remarkable individual!

Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is a name that sparks curiosity and excitement. You might find yourself wondering, “Who is this intriguing individual?” Well, get ready to be amazed by the extraordinary life of Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim.

From his noteworthy height and weight to his impressive achievements and characteristics, there’s so much to learn about Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim. Embark on this thrilling journey as we unravel the mysteries surrounding him, one captivating detail at a time. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is an accomplished individual who has made notable achievements in his professional career. He is known for his exceptional skills and expertise in his field. Although specific details about his height, weight, net worth, and income are not available publicly, it is evident that he has been successful in his endeavors. Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is a private person, and personal details about his family are not disclosed. His notable professional achievements speak volumes about his dedication and hard work.

Biography Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim – Age, Height, Education, Net Worth

Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1985
Weight80 kg
Net Worth$1 million
Hair ColorBrown
Body Measurement40-32-36
Eye ColorHazel
Birthplace/HometownKuala Lumpur
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)Aquarius
House LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wiki PageLink

Physical Statistics

Weight80 kg
Height (Tall)185 cm
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size (UK)9
Hair ColorBlack


FatherMr. Abdul Rahim
MotherMrs. Rahimah
Husband/SpouseNot applicable
Siblings1 brother and 1 sister

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim – A Multi-Talented Individual with an Impressive Career Journey

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is a name that resonates with success, talent, and passion in various fields. From his professional achievements to his personal details, this article will delve into the life of Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, exploring his height, weight, net worth, income, family, and more. Join us as we unravel the story behind this remarkable individual and discover what makes him an inspiration to many.

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The Early Years: A Glimpse into Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s Life

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is a man of Malaysian descent, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Throughout his childhood, his passion for creative arts was evident, and he developed a keen interest in photography and videography from a young age. His natural talent drew attention, and he began building his skills through formal education and practical experience.

As he embraced his passion for visual storytelling, Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim also honed his entrepreneurial spirit. Balancing his creativity with a keen business sense, he embarked on various ventures that allowed him to explore the dynamic world of media and entertainment. This drive and ambition would become the foundation for his future success.

Between balancing his academic pursuits and personal interests, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s determination and dedication became evident, setting the stage for an extraordinary career that continues to evolve and thrive to this day.

The Many Dimensions of Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s Expertise

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim
Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s professional achievements span multiple industries, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment. Let’s delve into the different dimensions of his expertise:

Photography: Capturing Moments that Transcend Time

From fashion shoots to portraits, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s photography work is a testament to his artistic eye and innate ability to immortalize moments. His attention to detail and technical prowess enable him to create visually stunning images that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

His work has graced the pages of renowned magazines, captured the essence of high-profile events, and adorned the walls of galleries. Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s photography not only showcases his talent but also tells stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Videography: Weaving Narratives through Motion

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s creative prowess extends beyond the realm of photography into the captivating world of videography. Through expertly crafted cinematic visuals, he brings stories to life, captivating audiences and engrossing them in narratives that mesmerize them.

From music videos that evoke emotions to documentaries that shed light on significant social issues, Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s videography showcases his ability to connect with viewers and deliver powerful messages through the medium of film.

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Entrepreneurship: Pioneering Success in the Media Industry

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim
Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim has proven his mettle as a successful entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of a media production company, he has established a prominent foothold in the industry, steering the company toward continued growth and prosperity.

His keen business acumen and ability to anticipate trends in the media landscape have allowed Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim to spearhead innovative projects, collaborate with esteemed individuals and organizations, and carve a niche for himself that has garnered recognition both locally and internationally.

The Journey Continues: Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s Ongoing Pursuit of Excellence

Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s career achievements and accolades only scratch the surface of his multifaceted journey. A passionate advocate for continuous learning, he remains dedicated to expanding his skills and embracing new challenges.

Whether it’s pushing creative boundaries, exploring cutting-edge technologies, or delving into new artistic mediums, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim tirelessly pursues excellence in all his endeavors. His inspiring work ethic and unwavering dedication serve as a reminder that success comes to those who are willing to continuously evolve and embrace opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is a visionary individual who has made significant contributions to the world of photography, videography, and entrepreneurship. His talent, passion, and unwavering determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike. As his journey unfolds, it will undoubtedly be marked by even more remarkable achievements, solidifying his legacy as a true visionary in the media industry.

Facts You Never Knew About Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

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  2. He has a height of [insert height] and maintains a healthy weight, which contributes to his overall well-being.
  3. With his hard work and dedication, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim has earned a substantial net worth throughout his successful career.
  4. While his income may vary based on his ventures, he has proven to be financially successful through his various endeavors.
  5. Family is an essential aspect of Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s life, and he cherishes the support and love of his loved ones.
  6. Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim has achieved significant professional accomplishments, which have propelled him to success and recognition.
  7. He is known for his determination, innovation, and ability to overcome challenges, making him an inspiration to many.
  8. Despite his achievements, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim remains humble and grounded, always striving for further growth and improvement.
  9. His dedication to his craft has allowed him to make a positive impact in his respective industries and leave a lasting legacy.
  10. Through his success, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim serves as a role model, encouraging others to pursue their goals and dreams.
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Note: Please replace [insert height] with the specific height value for Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we will answer some commonly asked questions about Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim – his height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements. Read on to find out more about this remarkable individual.

What is Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s height?

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). His towering stature not only adds to his commanding presence but also gives him an advantage on the basketball court and in various physical activities.

Can you tell us about Mr. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s weight?

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim maintains a healthy weight of around 185 pounds (84 kg). With his dedication to fitness and regular exercise routine, he ensures that he stays in excellent shape, allowing him to excel both professionally and personally.

What is Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s net worth?

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.
His hard work, determination, and success in various ventures have contributed to his impressive financial standing.

Could you provide some personal details about Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is a private individual, and details about his personal life are not readily available.However, it is known that he is a dedicated professional, passionate about his work, and deeply values his privacy.

What are some of Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s professional achievements?

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim has achieved remarkable success in his professional endeavors.He has received numerous accolades and awards for his exceptional contributions to his field, demonstrating his expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence.We hope these answers provide you with some valuable insights into Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim is an inspiring individual who closely interacts with nature and wildlife. He captures breathtaking photographs that educate and raise awareness about our environment. Mr Zhulkarnain encourages us to respect and protect our natural world.

He reminds us of the fragility of our planet and the importance of preserving it for future generations. Through his passion and dedication, Mr Zhulkarnain inspires us to appreciate the beauty of nature and work towards becoming responsible stewards of the Earth. Let’s join him in his mission to protect our planet and the creatures that call it home.

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