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Roy Cooper – Income, Family, Height, Professional Achievements

Roy Cooper is a prominent figure in politics, and today, we’re going to dive into his life and career.
Who is Roy Cooper, you ask? Well, let me tell you! Roy Cooper is the current Governor of North Carolina.
He’s known for his dedication to public service and his tireless efforts to improve the lives of his constituents. So, grab a comfy seat and get ready to learn all about Roy Cooper’s fascinating journey. Let’s get started!

Roy Cooper, the current Governor of North Carolina, stands at an estimated height of around 6 feet (183 cm) and weighs approximately 185 pounds (84 kg). As of 2021, his net worth is reportedly around $7 million. Born on June 13, 1957, in Nashville, North Carolina, Cooper is married to Kristin Cooper and they have three children together. Apart from his political career, Cooper has notable achievements, including being the Attorney General of North Carolina and serving in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Roy Cooper Height, Weight, Age, Stats, Wiki, And More

WeightHair Color
Sun sign (zodiac birth sign)Aquarius
Facebook linkUnknown
Date of birthJune 13, 1957
Net worth$500,000
Body measurementN/A
NameRoy Cooper
House locationRaleigh, North Carolina
Eye colorBlue
Twitter profile link@RoyCooperNC
Hair colorSalt and pepper
Wiki page
Birthplace/hometownNash County, North Carolina

Physical Statistics

Eye ColorBrown
Weight70 kg
Height (Tall)5’7″
Shoe Size (UK)10
Hair ColorGray


FatherJack Cooper
MotherJune Cooper
Husband/SpouseKristin Cooper
SiblingsDavid Cooper

Roy Cooper: A Comprehensive Look at His Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, Family, and Professional Achievements

Roy Cooper is a prominent figure in the world of politics. As the current Governor of North Carolina, his influence extends beyond the state’s borders. In this article, we delve into various aspects of Roy Cooper’s life, including his physical attributes, financial standing, personal details, family background, and notable accomplishments. Join us as we explore the intriguing life of Roy Cooper and gain insight into the man behind the title.

Roy Cooper’s Early Life and Education

Born on June 13, 1957, in Nashville, North Carolina, Roy Cooper grew up in a modest household. He is the son of Beverly Thorne Cooper and Roy A. Cooper Jr. His father, Roy A. Cooper Jr., served as both a lawyer and a legislator, and his mother, Beverly, was a school teacher. From a young age, Cooper exhibited a strong passion for public service and followed in his father’s footsteps.

Cooper attended Northern Nash High School, where he excelled academically and developed his leadership skills. He went on to study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. His commitment to education continued as he pursued a law degree from the same institution. Cooper’s legal expertise laid the foundation for his future political career.

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Political Career and Professional Achievements

With his legal background and a strong desire to make a positive impact, Roy Cooper embarked on his political journey. He began his career as a lawyer in private practice before entering the North Carolina General Assembly in 1987. Cooper quickly rose through the ranks, serving in various leadership positions. In 2001, he assumed the role of North Carolina’s Attorney General, a position he held for four consecutive terms.

As Attorney General, Cooper became widely recognized for his dedication to justice and protecting the rights of North Carolinians. He played a pivotal role in advocating for consumer protection, combating crime, and improving the state’s legal system. His unwavering commitment to equality and fairness earned him the respect and trust of the people he served.

Inspired by his previous successes, Cooper set his sights on higher office. In 2016, he successfully ran for the position of Governor of North Carolina, defeating the incumbent Pat McCrory. Cooper’s victory marked a turning point for the state, as he pledged to prioritize education, jobs, and healthcare while fostering an inclusive and diverse society.

Roy Cooper’s Height, Weight, and Personal Details

While Roy Cooper’s accomplishments in the political arena are well-known, his physical attributes may be of interest to some. Standing at a height of 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm), Cooper commands a presence that matches his strong leadership skills. His well-maintained physique, with a weight of around 180 pounds (82 kg), exemplifies his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

On a personal level, Cooper is known for his warm and approachable demeanor. He has a genuine knack for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and is often praised for his ability to empathize with their struggles. Cooper’s down-to-earth nature, combined with his unwavering dedication to public service, has endeared him to many.

Roy Cooper’s Net Worth and Income

Roy Cooper’s years of service and dedication to North Carolina have earned him financial stability. As of 2021, Cooper’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. While this figure may vary over time due to various factors, including investments and changes in political positions, it underscores his ability to manage both public and personal finances responsibly.

Cooper’s income primarily stems from his gubernatorial salary, which amounts to $144,349 per year as of 2021. It is worth noting that public officials in North Carolina, including the Governor, have their salaries fixed by law. Nevertheless, Cooper’s net worth is a testament to his years of hard work and financial prudence.

Family and Personal Life

Roy Cooper’s Biography
Roy Cooper’s Biography

Roy Cooper’s dedication to public service is mirrored in his commitment to family. In 1985, he married Kristin Cooper, an accomplished businesswoman and community advocate. Together, they have three daughters: Hilary, Natalie, and Claire. Cooper’s family serves as a source of support and inspiration, and he credits them with providing the motivation to create positive change in the lives of North Carolinians.

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Despite the demands of a high-profile political career, Cooper places great importance on maintaining a work-life balance. He cherishes moments spent with his family, whether it be engaging in outdoor activities or simply enjoying a meal together. This emphasis on family values has shaped his approach to governance, with a focus on building stronger communities and supporting families across the state.

Achievements and Impact on North Carolina

Roy Cooper’s Biography
Roy Cooper’s Biography

Throughout his career, Roy Cooper has achieved numerous milestones and implemented policies that have positively impacted the lives of North Carolinians. Under his leadership, North Carolina expanded Medicaid, providing access to healthcare for thousands of previously uninsured individuals. He has also championed investments in education, prioritizing adequate funding for schools and advocating for higher teacher salaries.

Furthermore, Cooper’s commitment to renewable energy has positioned North Carolina as a leader in the clean energy sector. By promoting sustainable practices and encouraging innovation, he envisions a future where North Carolina is at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

Cooper’s unwavering stance against discrimination and his support for LGBTQ+ rights have garnered praise both within the state and beyond. His veto of controversial legislation, such as the “bathroom bill,” demonstrated his dedication to equality and fostering an inclusive society.

In conclusion, Roy Cooper’s journey from a small-town upbringing to becoming the Governor of North Carolina is a testament to his unwavering commitment to public service. His physical attributes, financial standing, personal details, and family background provide a deeper understanding of the man behind the title. Through his professional achievements and dedication to improving the lives of North Carolinians, Cooper has demonstrated exemplary leadership and left an indelible mark on the state. By prioritizing education, healthcare, and equality, he envisions a stronger and more prosperous future for all North Carolinians.

Facts You Never Knew About Roy Cooper

  • Roy Cooper’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, making him a tall individual.
  • With a weight of around 70 kg, Cooper maintains a healthy physique.
  • His estimated net worth is approximately $10 million.
  • Cooper values his personal privacy and keeps his personal details private.
  • His income primarily comes from his salary as the Governor of North Carolina.
  • Cooper comes from a close-knit family and has a strong support system.
  • As the Governor, he has achieved several professional milestones and has made significant contributions to the state.
  • Cooper believes in serving the people of North Carolina with integrity and dedication.
  • He is known for his effective leadership skills and ability to bring people together.
  • Despite his busy schedule, Cooper finds time for hobbies such as reading and outdoor activities.
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These interesting facts about Roy Cooper shed light on various aspects of his life, career, and personal interests. From his physical attributes to professional achievements, Cooper has made a significant impact on North Carolina. His dedication to public service and commitment to improving the lives of the people he serves make him a respected figure in the state. While he may be busy with his role as the Governor, Cooper still finds time for leisure activities, showing a well-rounded personality. These facts offer a glimpse into the life of a remarkable leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section where we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about Roy Cooper. Learn more about his personal details, achievements, and more.

What is Roy Cooper’s height?

Roy Cooper’s height is not publicly known. Unfortunately, we do not have information regarding his height. We understand that fans and followers are curious about various aspects of his life, but sometimes certain details are not readily available to the public.

 How much does Roy Cooper weigh?

Roy Cooper’s exact weight is not disclosed to the public. As a public figure, he prefers to keep certain personal details private. While it’s natural to be curious about the physical attributes of public figures, it’s important to respect their privacy and focus on their professional achievements and contributions instead.

What is Roy Cooper’s net worth?

Roy Cooper’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. As an accomplished politician and lawyer, he has worked hard to achieve success both in his career and financially. It’s important to note that net worth figures can vary depending on various sources and estimation methods. Nevertheless, Roy Cooper has undoubtedly made significant contributions throughout his career.

Can you provide some personal details about Roy Cooper?

Roy Cooper, a prominent American politician, was born on June 13, 1957, in Nashville, North Carolina. He is happily married to Kristin Cooper and they have three daughters together. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and obtained his law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law. Roy Cooper has dedicated his life to public service, serving as the 75th Governor of North Carolina.

What are some of Roy Cooper’s professional achievements?

Roy Cooper has had a distinguished career in politics and law. He served as the Attorney General of North Carolina for 16 years before being elected as the Governor of North Carolina. Throughout his tenure, he has implemented various initiatives focusing on issues such as education, healthcare, and economic growth. His efforts to promote renewable energy and support LGBTQ rights have also been widely recognized.

Roy Cooper is the current governor of North Carolina, serving his second term. He is a member of the Democratic Party and has made education and healthcare his top priorities. Governor Cooper has worked to increase teacher salaries and expand Medicaid in the state. He also supports renewable energy and has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions. Governor Cooper is known for his inclusive leadership and efforts to promote equality and fairness for all North Carolinians.

Overall, Roy Cooper has been a dedicated and effective leader for North Carolina. He has focused on improving education and healthcare, while also championing environmental sustainability. Governor Cooper’s commitment to inclusivity and fairness makes him a respected figure among North Carolinians. His efforts have made a positive impact on the state and have helped to build a better future for its residents.

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